Wednesday, 23 November 2011

my dream's house .

my dream's house . its l0oks like i wanna be a cinderella . hehe

Psychology and Your Home

Clare Cooper Marcus, a Professor of Architecture at the University of California in Berkeley, has written extensively about the relationship between dwellings and the people who occupy them. Her book House as  a Mirror of Self explores the meaning of "Home" as a place of self-expression, as a place of nurturance,  and as a place of sociability. Marcus spent years looking at people's drawings of memorable childhood  places, and her book draws on Jungian concepts of the collective unconscious and archetypes. If the houses we live in are so significant, what about the houses we imagine? What do our wishes say about who we are?

Imagine if you could have any house you wanted. Money is no object. You can place the house anywhere in the world (or off it) and you can build the house from any materials you wish.
What would that house look like? What would be the color and texture of the walls, the shape of the rooms, the quality of the light?

Everything in the unconscious seeks outward manifestation...
- Carl Jung

Mom’s Chocolate Cake

For many, many years, I’ve been trying all sorts of recipes for chocolate cake. I’ve tried magazine recipes. I’ve scoured the internet. But I keep coming back to this recipe mainly because it doesn’t require any extraordinary ingredients (just the stuff I normally keep in my pantry) and the method is quite simple. Its my mom's recipe.

yummmy ..!

Tips For Making The Perfect Cake:-
  • Cake-decorating may be an art but cake-making is a science. Measure/weigh your ingredients carefully. If you watch cooking shows on TV, chefs like Michael Smith and Jamie Oliver may wing it when cooking stews and soups, but when it comes to cakes, they take out their measuring cups and weighing scales and use the exact amount of ingredients required for the recipe.
  • All ingredients must be at room temperature. Take out your butter, milk and eggs from the refrigerator some 15-30 minutes prior to mixing so that they can be at room temperature by the time you start making your cake.
  • When measuring your ingredients by cup or tablespoon/teaspoon, level the ingredient using a knife or the handle of spoon. Do not press down the flour/sugar/baking powder/baking soda. Do not shake the cup to make the flour settle.
  • Always preheat your oven, at least 15 minutes before putting in the cake. I usually turn on the oven just before I start mixing the ingredients together.
  • If the recipe asks you to grease and flour a pan, do so before you start mixing the ingredients. This way, you can straightaway pour the batter into the pan right after you finish mixing the ingredients.
  • Mix in one direction. My mom has taught me to do this ever since I was a little girl and I’ve always done this. I’m not sure what the reason for this is, but come to think of it — all stand mixers only mix in one direction.
Trivia: If Malaysia were to hold a competition for ‘Most Popular Cake’, the chocolate cake would win hands down. That’s one of the things I noticed when I first came here — Malaysians just looove chocolate cake.

Holiday in A faMOsa rEsort

For family year-end holiday, we went to A Famosa Resort, Melaka 3 weeks ago. We stayed in the hotel . There are many interesting events here. The theme on that time is holloween because they are going to celeb holloween days. It is very wonderfull to be here.
in front of the hotel

it is wonderfull rite:)

animal sh0w. cowboy town )

A'Famosa Resort Malacca is a holiday resort that provide days of family fun, hours on the green, thrills of a water theme park, enjoyment of four-star hospitality, delights of horse riding and full range of recreational activities. A'Famosa Resort Malacca is the perfect gateway from the bustling city life.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Who Is At Risk for Overweight and Obesity?

Overweight and obesity affect Americans of all ages, sexes, and racial/ethnic groups. This serious health problem has been growing over the last 30 years.


According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2007–2008, about one-third of adults in the United States are overweight and about one-third are obese. The survey also shows differences in overweight and obesity among racial/ethnic groups.
  • In women, overweight and obesity are highest for non-Hispanic African American women (about 78 percent), compared with about 76 percent for Hispanic women and 61 percent for non-Hispanic White women.
  • In men, overweight and obesity also are higher for minority groups. They're highest for Hispanic men (about 79 percent), compared with about 73 percent for non-Hispanic White men and about 69 percent for non-Hispanic African American men.

Children and Teens

Children also have become heavier. In the past 30 years, obesity:
  • Has more than doubled among children ages 2–5
  • Has tripled among children ages 6–11
  • Has more than tripled among adolescents ages 12–19
According to NHANES 2007–2008, about 1 in 6 American children ages 2–19 are obese. The survey also suggests that overweight and obesity are having a greater effect on minority groups, including African Americans and Hispanics.