Thursday, 15 December 2011

i am upset today !

I'm in the slump right now actually, feeling really upset about how people treat others and how they are treating me.

I've found the best way out is to change things for myself.  So you are. You should do this. Be firm with telling others to back off when you need space. Be firm about telling your best friend that he should learn to listen to you or else you're going to become more unavailable.

Over the time I've been here, I really notice that i'm far too available to everyone and don't ever stand on ground on my needs. Over time, that only leads to being angry and feeling uncared for, which is evident now.

im really need to work on being assertive of my needs, and be more unavailable to those who aren't being as friendly as they should be.

p/s: Every day you sit back and wait for something to happen
is another day lost.
~Jennifer Flavin

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