Tuesday, 20 December 2011

reading is a good habit


Books are one of the main sources of our knowledge. They are also our friends, sometimes our lovers. We can see everything in the world from books, therefore books are very important to our life although we cannot understand everything only by reading books.


A book may give us more consciousness than an experimental person does. Books contain everything, from the things we use everyday to the complex things such as a spaceship or the love. Reading books is also a way to relax and have fun because many books attract us with their exciting content that we can't drop it down when we start reading. Books give us more information than everything else, but it cannot replace the role of practical expreriences. You can know about a culture by reading about it but you must be contact with that culture to be aware about it. Everyone reads books, especially Japanese people. They read books everywhere, even when they are in the underground railway. It's one of the reasons why Japan now is a very developed country.


In conclusion, books have a very important role in our life, but it cannot replace the role of practical experiences. Anyway, books are the closest friends of people.

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