Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last September I start my third year at UPSI,which means that I've spent exactly two years living on campus. In my opinion, university life is about enjoying yourself and realizing your dreams.

   The class timetable in the university is flexible, which gives students more free time. Some students spend it in the library, reading books. Their learning ambition is so high that they claim their seats as soon as the library doors open. But many prefer to relax doing something else, such as watching movie, cycling and so on. My roommate has one of these. She loves to watch movie.

 As we students are getting older we can start making our own decisions. With this right comes responsibility. Most of us take part-time jobs as tutors to earn some pocket money- a few capable students will gain enough money to be self-sufficient. By teaching we realize the challenge of making a living. Some of my friendscomplain about the workload, though they admit that teaching also makes them confident. As their students progress, the tutors feel happy too.

There are other exciting things going on at university. Love stories are an indispensable part of life on campus. Though it may cause both happiness and bitter feelings, many can't help looking for true love. One of my best friends has had her heart broken twice. Maybe it's partly her fault through picking boyfriends by appearance, the way most people do. Love can make you blind to someone's lesspretty sides. But my friend feels that it's worth it to keep trying until she finds the right person. Those who have yet to find their prince or princess can devote their time to other things. Personally, I'm a big fan of Korean actors. Bae Yong Jun is a Korean movie star who Chinese girls are crazy about. At one point last winter, even the way Bae wore his scarves became a trend.. But for a university student, the most important thing should be studying. When I was a junior, one of our tutors told us to make good use of the best teachers while at university. “Make sure that by the time you graduate, there's a big difference between you, and those who haven't entered school yet,” he said. This piece of advice made a deep impression on me. Always keep studying!

   To me, it's simple. Life on campus is about finding one's priorities, and about being part of a group who work to achieve interesting and creative goals.

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