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The staple food of the Malays is rice, boiled to a white fluffy texture. It is served with dishes of meat (chicken or beef), fish and vegetables. Meat and fish are usually prepared as sambal (chili paste) or curry dish. In fact, Most of the Malaysian food can not be eaten without some spices.Malaysian food (read Malay food) derives its flavor from the use of spices and local ingredients. Some of those ingredients used by the Malays in the Malay cuisine are:

  • Serai (lemon grass)

  • Bawang merah (shallots

  • Halia (ginger

  • Lengkuas (galangal)

  • Ketumbar (coriander

  • Asam jawa (tamarind)

  • Kunyit (turmeric)

  • Saffron

  • Jintan putih (cumin)

  • Another ingredient commonly found in Malaysian food is santan which is coconut milk. The milk is squeezed from the flesh of the grated coconut. As a sign of modern times, santan can be found in powder form, sold in supermarkets. It's much used by actually in the Malay cuisine.
    The traditional Malay way of eating is by using the right hand. The use of the left hand is considered bad manners. The same goes with receiving or giving things, always use the right hand.
    In eating stalls or at homes where hands are used to eat, guests will provided with a pot of water to wash their hands before and after the meal. Remember, this water is not for drinking. Or you simply use the always available tap to wash your hands


    mee rebus
    Mee rebus, typical Malaysian food

    Nasi lemak, one of my favourite oke!

    Ikan bakar ..i know you want to :)

    mee bandung .

    tom yam.

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