Wednesday, 14 December 2011

images for exam ;)

Final exam is around the corner. Are you already prepared or still hang out with friends or doing shopping? ME ?? hehehe...

Do not forget to pray to ALLAH, may god bless us. Insyaallah.

The scene when im still in secondary school. You knpw what, im have ever been caught cheat during exam in school..hehehe. such a good memory to remember !

Study hard or study smart. No matter what, just do your best . but do not study in last minutes, or you will get trouble dear. Prepare early is the most better.
This look is suitable for those who likes to study in last minutes. The might said, the test is still 'lambat lagi'  or 'nanti-nanti lah saya study, nak tgk tv dulu' ...then, when the exam is coming, they still not prepared...

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